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Friday, May 28, 2010

Rally Fun Match!

Cooper and I participated in a Rally Fun Match on Tuesday. We had a great time! It was held outdoors, which isn't very common in this part of the states. I thought this would be a great opportunity to see how he would perform in an outdoor competition. We were entered in Advanced Rally. He did awesome! I couldn't believe how undistracted he was out there. Here is the kicker...we get to our last sign and he wanders way out to the side of me and sniffs around a bit...I call him back and he comes over and does the sit part of the exercise...then I hear the judge go "ohhh nooo"...there he was siting just and inch or two off the ground POOPING! Right in the ring! So we were disqualified:(
I guess I should have tried harder to potty him before. I'm usually not that concerned because we are normally in doors and he would never had done that if we were indoors. Lesson learned! At least it happened at a fun match and not at a real trial.
I asked the judge for our score sheet and she went over it with me. She said we did great! We would have had a 94! I know that if he wouldn't have pooped, we would have done that last sign without a problem. It was a sit-stand-walk around dog, and he is solid at that one.
So now I am left wondering if he did so well due to the extra training we have been doing, or if he was less stressed and distracted out doors? It was crazy good, he didn't hesitate or wander or sniff at all, he was just right there doing his thing the whole time. Now I wish we had an outdoor show to enter :)

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Jennifer H. said...

Way to go team!!! That is fantastic that he did so well outside. Usually dogs are crazy distracted in outdoor rings. And as for the pottying in the ring...well when you gotta go, you gotta go and he was outside. LOL

Very happy for you guys!!